Investment casting

MaterialsStainless Steel, Steel, Iron, Brass
Weight RangeFrom Few Ounces to Several Lbs
Special servicesCustom Painting and Special Surface Finish

Investment casting

Since tooling costs and production costs in China are about the same for sand castings and investment castings we definitely recommend investment casting process to all our Buyers: final product will have better surface finish, less porosity and better tolerance control.

All our materials are RoHS compliant.

All products go through a mandatory 100 % full-dimensional check prior to shipping.


In Brief

Key Benefits

  • Significant Savings : Low or No Tooling Costs
  • Offshore Pricing & Best Payment Terms
  • No Hassle Production in China
  • Quick Turnaround of Orders
  • Inventory Management & Stocking Program in USA
  • Full Customs & Logistics Support
  • Just in Time Door to Door Delivery

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