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Low-cost production in China
& Full service in USA

Our philosophy is simple: do a BETTER job than your competitors, and offer MORE benefits to your clients.

No need to reinvent the wheel – we apply our time-tested expertise to make products in China cost effectively and right from the start.

We are an established team of the best professionals in the field – with decades of work in Buyers’ capacity as well as hands on experience in manufacturing products for critical applications in China.

We understand exactly what our clients expect from us because we have been in their shoes, and we work hard to meet their expectations.

All our CNC and casting production facilities in China are either ISO 9001 certified, or compliant.

By choosing Overseas Manufacturing Group as your supplier,  you will receive your product at great savings, on time and with guaranteed quality.

In brief

Overseas Manufacturing Group LLC

  • American contract manufacturing company, small business
  • Headquarters: Ponte Vedra, FL USA
  • Production facilities: Ningbo, China
  • Certification: ISO 9001, RoHS compliant, C-TRAT Certified
  • Capabilities: CNC machining, die casting, investment and sand casting, injection molding
  • Special finishes, custom assemblies, engineering support
  • Full customs and logistics support, KANBAN delivery
  • Industries: Oil & gas, aerospace, electronics, machinery, construction, etc

We do it BETTER

Additional Independent Raw Material Certification

Unlike other companies, we don’t only rely just on material certificates provided by raw material suppliers in China. 

We are different. Prior to any production, we arrange additional independent lab certification on each lot of raw materials to guarantee that the final product will be made in full conformance with the given material specifications.

We deliver peace of mind and we do not compromise on quality.

Supply Risk Management

We supply parts and components for critical applications all over the world.

We evaluate all the risks from production to logistics, and safeguard against any potentially disruptive event.

Our raw material supplies in China come from vendors with established records of meeting our deadlines.

In addition, we maintain 3-6 months safety stock of the finished products in Ponte Vedra, FL to support the flow of product in transit pipeline and guarantee on-time delivery.

24/7 Personalized Service

Our approach is simple: to provide MORE key benefits and BETTER solutions for all our Buyers. We help you grow and we grow with you.

No more hassle when dealing directly with Chinese vendors. We’re right here in the USA to answer all your questions: from engineering and design assistance to quality specifics and logistics.

With a proven history of working with leading OEM companies, we can handle any project: from concept to low-cost manufacturing in China.

No lost communications. No delays in replies. Always in touch.

We offer MORE

Open Credit Payment Terms

Improve your cash flow

No or Low Tooling Costs

Immediate savings in first state of outsourcing

Full Stocking Program in USA

Reduce your inventory level

Predictable Low Costs

Long term stable price policy

Quality Assurance

ISO 9001 and RoHS certification and compliance

Inventory Management

Safety stock in USA and China at all times


Team of dedicated employees in USA and China

Short Lead Time

In-house tooling setup

24/7 Customs & Logistics Support

Just In Time delivery to your door

Design Assistance & Engineering Support

From prototypes to production

Turn Key Solutions

Complex projects from concept to low-cost manufacturing

Hassle Free Outsourcing

Convenience of working with US-based company

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