Die Casting

Our die casting facility

ISO 9001 certification, annual audits of our die casting facility in China and over 15 years of supplying products for critical applications add additional credit to our reputation as a reliable and trusted supplier.

We always keep up to 6 months safety stock both in China and USA to guarantee delivery Just-in-Time to your door.

Our facilities have been audited and approved by leading OEM companies as Samsung, Rotork and others.

We work with all major materials such as aluminum, zinc and custom alloys.

  • Machines from 250 to 800 tons
  • CMM and specialized laboratory on site
  • Custom painting, plating, polishing and special surface finish
  • Vacuum impregnating
  • Secondary CNC machining and custom assembly
  • Engineering services including design assistance
Our Guarantee

Quality Assurance

We guarantee the use of raw materials exactly per your specifications. We implement mandatory secondary testing of each incoming lot of raw materials to make sure the material certificate from the supplier is correct.

All quality procedures are per ISO 9001 requirements.

All our materials are RoHS compliant.

All products go through a mandatory 100 % full-dimensional check prior to shipping.



In Brief

Key Benefits

  • Significant Savings : Low or No Tooling Costs
  • Offshore Pricing & Best Payment Terms
  • No Hassle Production in China
  • Quick Turnaround of Orders
  • Inventory Management & Stocking Program in USA
  • Full Customs & Logistics Support
  • Just-In-Time Delivery

How we work

Our work starts from your drawings and specifications. In addition, we can develop products through reverse engineering.

Lead time for samples is 15-30 days depending on the design. All samples are submitted according to the FAIR procedure.

In order to guarantee Just-In-Time delivery we always keep up to 6 months safety stocks both in China and the USA. 

We are available 24/7. No compromise on quality. Always on time.

Please contact us (904) 307-1717

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